Photographer Steve Ramos - Small Box Shop
Oct 15th 2022 - -

Join us in welcoming Steve Ramos, Photographer and NEW Monroe County resident, to the Small Box Shop at 20 West Claiborne Street.

Small Box Shop Gallery Hours

Tuesdays      10am -2pm

Wednesdays 10am - 2pm

Thursdays      2pm - 7pm (Open House Every Thursday from 4-7 with refreshments)

Fridays -        2pm - 6pm

Saturdays     10am - -2pm

Purchases made will benefit the Monore Council from the Arts through Monroeville Main Street.

Artist Biograghy:

I Hear America Singing

An artist-friend asked Steve Ramos to describe his photography, why is he drawn to the subjects he chooses to shoot. Steve replied: Most photographers stick to one, maybe two, genres, but I can't restrict myself like that. I'm in awe of life, perhaps because I've come close to losing my own several times, and I deeply love the world I'm blessed to live in. I want to document all of it, celebrate all of it through my photography.

The photos I chose for this gallery exhibition would seem to be a disparate collection of work to some art patrons, but I chose them because they celebrate America. To borrow a line from Walt Whitman, I chose them because through them, I Hear America Singing. I see the beautiful and diverse country I get to call home, and I hope people see that, too, when they view my work.

I began my photography career in the military, documenting everything from combat to change of command ceremonies. I've seen things whose memories still make me reel in horror, and I've seen things that are a salve on my veteran's battered heart, incredible acts of kindness and heroism that remind me of the greatness humans can achieve when we choose to do good. I recently moved to Monroeville upon retirement and can't imagine living anywhere else. Monroeville, and all of beautiful Alabama, are a photographer's dream. I hope I can do it justice through my photography.